Today we are celebrating out Independence Day, tomorrow I will be celebrating something too… I’ll be saying goodbye to the Carpel Tunnel on my right hand. My operation is scheduled for 10am. I was surprised at the time of the operation, since in January when I got my left hand operated, my operation took place at 6am.

Anyway, I’m glad its finally taking place, and I’m looking forward to a REAL quick recovery, since I’m supposed to be playing already for a special event on Saturday. We will see how my hand feels, and if can manage, I will try.

Just took all my pills, and had a quick snack, since I’m not allowed to eat or drink anything after midnight. I should be getting sleepy in a bit. I walked to the store earlier and FINALLY bought myself the headphones I’d been wanting to get for a long time. They are wireless, so I’m listening to “Rose Gold” right now at the couch as I type, while my phone is charging by my bed. I don’t know why I waited so long to buy them. Every time I’d see them, I’d want to buy them, but for some reason, I’m the kind of person who gets a bunch of stuff…. then when I’m at the register, I leave half or even more of the stuff I had planned to buy. I even did it today. I had planned to buy myself some Chocolates and a Nivea for Men’s cream I wanted, and I ended up leaving those two things. But I did get me an awesome new razor, some additional razor heads, a travel sack for the razor… and this shaving cream.

Yes, shaving cream. I NEVER, EVER use shaving cream. But I need to start taking care of myself more. If I’m letting them cut into my hand tomorrow, and in November letting them cut into my stomach to staple it shut to a smaller size, I need to start taking care of the outside too, not just the inside. So I got the shaving cream. I loved it. My skin feels smooth, no bumps or anything. I also love the soap bars I got, they have skin cream already inside of them, so I don’t have to use soap and cream afterwards. Using one is like using both.

So today is July 4th…. Or at least it will be for the next 10 minutes. I have good memories of this day…… 4 years ago, I spent the 4th of July at Debbie’s house…. I remember my mom was working as a caregiver to her mom and dad, and she slept there. I went over to Debbie’s house, and because my Prius had a flat tire, they let me sleep over. I remember how excited I was that in a week I’d be leaving to NYC…. sigh… I miss my City.

Ok, well, I better get to bed….. have a good night!







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