So I’ve had my share of blogs in the past, but I’m at a point in my life where I feel I need to write an HONEST blog. An honest blog about everything in life. Life is funny, sad, exciting, and there’s so much that goes on, and not a lot of people sometimes have an insight of what goes on in my life.

Here’s a blog where I’m going to say things like they are, no sugarcoating anything. The sweet, nice LQ is going to take a break once a day from being the sweetheart that he is and sit down and write how he really feels.

So if you prefer the sweet, kind, supportive LQ, please leave this blog immediately. Otherwise, stay and read a while. And this is where I would usually apologize if I write something that might be offending towards some people, but like I said, this is just how I feel about things. So I’ll be honest with myself, and I won’t apologize this time.

Lets see how many friends I lose when everyone discovers this blog….. But I think I need to do this. Its better to let it all out than hold it al in.

So enjoy, or leave. Here goes….


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